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Containers    Beginner   Video    Version 12 New
All About Container Fields
All about container fields including storage options, interactive media, scripting and much more. Complete video set at Thinkific.
FileMaker History    Beginner   Article    Version 12 New
A History of FileMaker Starting with Nutshell
The history of FileMaker from Nashoba to Claris to FileMaker, Inc. Includes interviews from the Nashoba guys and nifty screen shots of early versions of FileMaker and Nutshell!
In Depth Index      Article    Version 12 New
How the Index Works!
Indexes make finds fast! But, indexes also support a bevy of other features such as relationships, value lists and validation. This blog entry will explore the definition of an index from a FileMaker point of view as well how it is used throughout the application.
Interactive PDF Woes    Beginner   Quick Tip    Version 12 New
Common Issues with Interactive PDFs
A lot of people wonder why the Insert PDF option is dimmed or greyed out under the Insert menu even when they have a container field selected. The two most common reasons, other than installation issues, are the interactive option is not checked and the container field is in a portal. Start by going to layout mode, click on the container field and display the Inspector. Navigate to the Data tab and scroll to the bottom to see if “Interactive Content” is selected. If the Insert PDF option is still not available, it is likely your container field is in a portal and interactive PDFs are not available for size and performance reasons. Consider inserting the PDF as a file. It can still be opened with your favorite PDF reader using the Export Field Contents step but won’t be interactive inside FileMaker.
To Separate or Not      Article    Version 12 New
Separation Model Debate
Professional developers pay attention to the number of files in their FileMaker solutions because it’s a crucial factor in good database design. Most developers utilize the standard single file structure because it makes development easier. On larger multifaceted projects, a developer might use several files for separate areas of the company. A smaller set of developers like to use the separation model to avoid issues with updates to their solutions and other benefits that will be explored. It’s very important to choose the file structure the best suits your style as well as the project at hand.
Trigger Tightrope      Article    Version 12 New
The Ups and Downs of Script Triggers
Script Triggers are one of the most fascinating features in FileMaker. Triggers augment existing features like auto-enter and validation as well as introduce completely new functionality not available through button driven scripting alone. The ability to define a script to execute based on a defined event fills so many gaps, their power can never be underestimated.
Twilio    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12 New
Send Text Messages via Twilio
Twilio allows you to send SMS text messages using an http call. This is great since FileMaker doesn’t have a send text feature. This tip file discusses how to use Insert from URL to communicate to Twilio.
Reminders    Advanced   Video    Version 12 New
Reminders with the Install OnTimer step
How to create a reminder system, as found in a calendar solution, using the Install OnTimer Script step. Complete video set at Thinkific.
Window Locking    Intermediate   Video    Version 12 New
Avoiding Window Locking Errors
Avoid window locking when spawning new windows (not to be confused with record locking). Complete video set at Thinkific.
New FMS 15 Security    Download   Intermediate   Article    New
New Security Features in FileMaker Server 15

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