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Clean Data Entry    Download     Tip File    Version 12 New
Clean Returns and Spaces from One Line Fields
A common thing for users to do is enter a return at the end of a field. It’s their years of spreadsheet experience. When the cursor doesn’t go to the next field they remember to hit the tab but leave the return. I’ve published how to remove extraneous returns with an auto-enter before but lately I’ve been noticing a lot of fat fingered spaces. So, here’s an improvement to remove returns and spaces.
Header Sort    Download     Tip File    Version 13 New
User Friendly Sorting

This Week    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
Formulas for the Previous Monday and Next Friday
Determines the previous Monday and following Friday based on the date entered. I use this calculation formula in a script that automates a find for the current week (e.g. 10/23/2017...10/27/2017). If a weekend date is specified, Saturday is previous week and Sunday is next week.
Checkbox Green    Download   Beginner   Tip File    Version 12 New
Change a Checkbox or Radio Button Icon Green
Someone emailed me asking if they could turn the checkbox or radio button icon green when it was selected with “yes”. Not the entire checkbox or radio button, just the icon and only when "yes" is selected.

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