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Questions s I offer personalized FileMaker training, on-site or off-site. If you would like training customized to your specific needs or onsite training, please contact me at jmo@filemakerpros.com. I am located in Chino Hills, California. My phone number is 909-393-4664.

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 FileMaker Training Series
 Philosophy of Scripting Training

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 FileMaker 13 Videos
 FileMaker Reference
 Template Set
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FileMaker Training Series
These training classes were created by FileMaker, Inc. to teach students how to optimize the development, deployment and administration of real-world FileMaker Pro solutions across any size organization. Authorized Trainer

Subjects include FileMaker Pro Server, Relational Database Design, Scripting, Calculations, Reporting and Connectivity. Database Pros is one of only twelve trainers in the United States authorized to teach these courses.

New Remote version of this popular training course now available! Save time and money but get the same training!

While Database Pros doesn't teach the FTS Beginner module publicly, you can download this self-paced training for free at the FileMaker, Inc. web site. You can also purchase the Advanced FTS training directly from FileMaker, Inc. either in perfect bound or downloadable PDF format.

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* Download a PDF containing all my information on private and public training [MAC] [WIN]
Philosophy of Scripting Training
These are the classes I developed based on my wildly popular book and CD ROM, Scriptology - FileMaker Pro Demystified. Philosophy of Scripting 101 is a three day intermediate scripting and calculation course. Philosophy of Scripting 201 is a two day advanced scripting and calculation course.

The curriculum for these classes has been rewritten from the ground up to include more hands-on exercises and the latest techniques for FileMaker Pro 13!

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To find out more about the curriculum, dates and locations or to register for a class, click on More Philosophy of FileMaker Class Information.
John Mark Osborne helping a student.

* Download a PDF containing all my information on private and public training [MAC] [WIN]
Video Training
Video 15.5 hours of video training, ranging from beginner to intermediate relational design, scripting, calculations and much more.

- FileMaker 13 Intermediate Training

- Beginner FileMaker Pro Training from Ray Cologon

These videos are only available directly from Infinite Skills in download or DVD format.

FileMaker Reference
Hundreds of calculations, tons of scripts, a complete graphics package you can use on your own solution and much more! Even though it contains reference material, the purchase comes with the full access password so you can see how it was created!

Click here for more information about the FileMaker Reference.

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Template Set
The Template Set contains 11 templates that mimic the OSX System Software so you can integrate your FileMaker solution seamlessly into an OSX environment. This template set has been completely rewritten from the ground up to include dynamic scripts, calculations, interface elements and much more.

Click here for more information about the Template Set.

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Onsite Training
I'd love to come to your company site and teach you FileMaker Pro intermediate and advanced scripting, calculations, relationships and other techniques. If you have five or more employees, the cost is about half the price of sending them all to one of my public training sessions.

I offer the following courses for private training:

- Professional Training Foundation Series +
- Philosophy of Scripting 101 *
- Philosophy of Scripting 201 *

+ The Professional Foundation Series classes are also taught publicly across the United States. More information..

* The Philosophy of Scripting classes are also taught publicly across the United States. More information..

If you'd like to find out more, send me an email at jmo@filemakerpros.com or call me at my office in California at 909-393-4664.
I really love teaching people how to use FileMaker Pro. It is so exciting to see that light bulb go off in students' heads when they finally understand a FileMaker concept or learn something they never thought FileMaker could accomplish.

If you are struggling with the cost, travel or time commitment for a quality FileMaker class, perhaps some former students of mine can convince you. I get tons of testimonials every time I teach a class, and I am always amazed at how my classes change the lives of the students. Click on the training testimonials link to see how my classes have changed people's FileMaker lives!
Quote about Scriptology Book
"I have just been reviewing "Scriptology" again both the book and CDs. Just had to say again how great they both are. Every time I work with the book or CD I always get new ideas and learn more about Filemaker. The only thing I can't understand is how you and John Mark learned so much about FMP in just the few years you've been working with it. I still find so many things I just don't know how to do˜ seems like sometimes the more I study and work with FMP the more I realize how little I know. But then looking back to my first efforts with FM 5 years ago I guess I have made a lot of progress. I have 11 FMP books I have read and worked with but "Scriptology" would have been all I needed after the first basic book. Thanks again to you and Mark for putting so much value together. I can't understand why "Scriptology" is not a part of every program FM sells. I always look forward to the new ideas in your Filemaker on line magazine each month. Thanks again." - Bill Parks
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All Certified Trainers!
All of our trainers are certified for all versions of FileMaker Pro!

GoToMeeting Training and Consulting
If you can't afford the time away from work or you require a very specific solution, I offer GoToMeeting training and consulting. This allows you to customize the training to a specific area or have me assist you with a specific issue. I'll even send you FileMaker files demonstrating any techniques we cover during the session.

If you aren't familiar with GoToMeeting, it is a service that allows two or more people to share and control their screens. GoToMeeting is the best collaboration tools I have ever used!

If you are interested in talking to me, call 909-393-4664 PST or email me at jmo@filemakerpros.com.

Exclamation s This site runs entirely on FileMaker and PHP because I wanted to demonstrate that FileMaker really can do it all!

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