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New Major Version, 360Works Zulu 3: The Ultimate FileMaker Calendar Syncing Application

New Major Version, 360Works Zulu 3

The Ultimate FileMaker Calendar Syncing Application. Integrate FileMaker with Apple, Google, and Exchange Calendars!

360Works is pleased to announce the release of Zulu 3 (https://360works.com/zulu). Zulu is a calendar syncing application that lets Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or Exchange Calendar see your FileMaker table(s) as an Apple, Google, or Exchange Calendar.

Syncing your FileMaker data to your device calendars makes it easier to share your calendars and keep all of your business events, appointments, and important information together!

Zulu 3 improves performance and reliability of existing features of publishing FileMaker data to Apple, Google, and Exchange Calendar, as well as the following new features:

* Added recurrence support for Google and Exchange
* Added email handler to syncs, sending emails to admin email address on failures or warnings
* Migrated to latest sync framework, improving stability and speed for syncs
* Exposing Google API key for users, so they can use their own api key and not share quota with other users.

Zulu is easy to install. There are no scripts to run or processes to manage. Integrating Zulu into your solution is a snap!It is not a plug-in but rather an extension for FileMaker Server.


Active maintenance subscribers for Zulu or the 360Works Portfolio Bundle will receive the new major version 3 at no additional cost. (Maintenance is active for one year from date of purchase or one year from date of maintenance renewal purchase.)

If you need a new license or have a license with expired maintenance and wish to use Zulu 3, you can purchase a new license through the Zulu product page. (https://360works.com/zulu)

Never tried Zulu? You can download a free demo license, also available at the Zulu product page. (https://360works.com/zulu) While in demo mode, the product will run for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker.

=== ABOUT 360WORKS ===

360Works offers a wide selection of developer tools for FileMaker, including their flagship product, MirrorSync (FileMaker Solution of the Year in 2013). Our FileMaker staff have been producing easy-to-use extensions to the FileMaker platform since 1996. As a Platinum member in the

FileMaker Business Alliance and 2009 winner of the FileMaker Community Contribution award, we are one of the top-tier FileMaker development firms in the world. Our customers include NASA, Apple, Pixar, Make-A-Wish, Omnicom Group, the US Marines, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and many other successful organizations.



(770) 234-9293

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