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360Works FileMaker DevCon Discount EXTENDED!
You now have additional days to take advantage of the 2019 DevCon Discount on 360Works Plug-ins and Add-ons for FileMaker!

If you need to add features or customize your database, now is the perfect time. With the DevCon discount you will receive 15% off of your online order using promo code DEVCON2019 during checkout, this offer expires Friday, August 16, 2019.

Visit any of the product links at the bottom of this email to learn more or to place your discounted order!


***New Product Availability and Updates***
(Buy Now to Take Advantage of the Discount!)

This year, we were excited to showcase major improvements in the new versions of MirrorSync 6 and Zulu 4 to be released in the upcoming weeks.

MirrorSync and Zulu are BOTH maintenance products, this means that you receive all major and minor upgrades for a full year with your purchase.

Be sure to renew your maintenance or buy now (using the product page links below) to receive these exciting new updates.

New in MirrorSync 6:
* Automated deployment and version management for server-to-server syncs
* Now uses the Data API (instead of XML or xDBC)
* All new MirrorSync script, re-written to support new features in FileMaker 17 and later
* Unlimited tables
* Leverages new FileMaker features for much faster container field syncs

New in Zulu 4:
* Added support for Apple Reminders
* One click url calendar subscriptions, making it easier than ever to onboard new users
* Some users like Apple Calendar, but some are only on Google? No problem! Drive all calendars from FileMaker
* Minimum start date for Exchange and Google supported, so you don't need to worry about ancient events crowding your FileMaker solution.


***360Works Product List***

360Deploy (https://360works.com/filemaker-deploy-versions/) Automated, simple deployment of new database versions

Charts (https://www.360works.com/charts/) Easy-to-use charting for FileMaker

CloudMail (https://www.360works.com/cloudmail/) Send and track email marketing campaigns

Email (https://www.360works.com/email-plugin/) Send and receive text and HTML emails in FileMaker

FTPeek (https://www.360works.com/ftp-plugin/) FTP upload and download from your FileMaker database

JDBC (https://www.360works.com/jdbc-plugin/) SQL access with JDBC Compatibility

MirrorSync (https://360works.com/filemaker-sync/) Sync FileMaker Go and Pro on a device without network connection, sync FileMaker Servers, and sync FileMaker with SQL databases

Plastic (https://www.360works.com/credit-card-plugin/) Payment processing plugin

RemoteScripter (https://www.360works.com/remotescripter/) Trigger scripts on FileMaker Pro from the web or IWP

SafetyNet (https://360works.com/filemaker-offsite-backup/) FileMaker Server offsite backup

Scribe (https://www.360works.com/filemaker-pdf-plugin/) Read and write PDF, Word, and Excel files

ScriptMaster (https://www.360works.com/scriptmaster/) Adds many new functions & create custom plug-ins

SuperContainer (https://360works.com/supercontainer/) A better container field

Web Assistant (https://www.360works.com/url-plugin/) Access internet resources, URLs, and fill out web forms

Web Services Manager (https://360works.com/web-services-manager/) Publish FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services

Zulu (https://360works.com/filemaker-calendar/) FileMaker calendar sync


***Stay Updated with 360Works***

Twitter - https://twitter.com/360Works
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/360Works/
Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+360works
Linked In - https://www.linkedin.com/company/360works/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/360works


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