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Fireside FileMaker Podcast: 5k Downloads
Chino Hills, Calif., September 18th, 2019 — Since the release of the Fireside FileMaker Podcast a little over two months ago, John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde are happy to announce a milestone of 5,000 downloads. We want to thank our listeners for all the feedback we’ve gotten including ideas for future Podcasts. “It’s great to get so much positive feedback from our listeners. It keeps us going”, says John Mark Osborne.

Here’s what a few folks had to say about the Fireside FileMaker Podcast:

“Let me start by saying how much I have enjoyed the podcast so far, just finished episode 7 (Welcome Back Claris). I use to hear lot of podcast at the same time but since I discovered yours last week, I have been focused on yours only. Thanks for the good stuff and please keep up the good work.”

- Gisael Gustavo Gómez González

“I also thought I’d add some thoughts on what specifically I like about your podcast, which forced me to think a bit. I think it’s a combination of your enthusiasm and your genuineness/sincerity, plus of course your obvious competence. Competence of course is necessary but without the first 2 it’s just boring or even annoying.  So thank you for the stories you share about yourselves and your experiences, and for the opinions and insights you share. Keep at it, please.  As you say ’2 old FM developers just chatting’.  Very nice.”

- Charles Holdener

More quotes can be found at:


This week we will are releasing a discussion about interface design titled “Designing the Interface”. FileMaker solutions can live and die by the interface alone. It’s the first thing a user sees and can sway their opinion in the first few seconds of them seeing it for the first time. It’s so important but most developers don’t give it much thought. How do you develop an interface that clients want to use and which makes it easy for them to do their job? Do you use a standard theme or do you take the time and trouble to develop a custom theme that you can use over and over again? How do you size the screens? How much color should you use? How do you take into account that some of your users may be color blind? These and more points are considered to give you a well rounded look at interface design.

Join us at the Fireside FileMaker podcast (http://www.firesidefilemaker.com or https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fireside-filemaker/id1473715087) for a series of interesting conversations about everything FileMaker™ from two passionate developers with a total of almost 60 years developing FileMaker solutions.

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For more information on FileMaker Pro 18, available through computer resellers, visit .

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