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Redesigned Screens & Layouts Make this Jump-start FileMaker® Template Easier - and Faster - than Ever to Modify for a Wider Variety of Business Needs

South Bend, IN - November 5, 2019 - eXcelisys, Inc. (www.excelisys.com) announces the release of the eX-BizTracker 6, a spiffed-up new version of eXcelisys’ popular flagship eX-File business productivity template. The eX-BizTracker 6 is perfect for businesses seeking a feature-rich order and customer management app for the goods and services they sell and track.

With this latest release, eXcelisys developers busted their brains with countless hours of thoughtful tinkering to deliver a product that’s more nimble. Redesigned screens and layouts mean modifications can be made more quickly and cost-effectively than ever! For eXample, if a user doesn’t need a tab that’s built into the template, it can be “turned off” and the panel automatically resizes, reducing development time! Likewise, display regions are more flexible to accommodate modifications.

“We took into account user behavior to shape the product so it meets the needs and matches the behavior of those who use it,” said Doug West, eXcelisys VP for product development. “A lot of thought went into this even though visually it looks like no big deal. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that will save development time and money. We are positioning the tool to be much more adaptable to a wide variety of business needs.”

The pride of the eX-Files ecosystem, the eX-BizTracker 6 takes advantage of the latest innovations to the FileMaker 18 Platform with new elements like the master-detail layout. Other new features include QuickBooks integration, return merchandise authorization (RMA) and the use of card windows to minimize overhead.

“We’ve spent a couple hundred hours building and refining the eX-BizTracker,” said West. “When businesses use it as a jumping-off point for software development, they save a ton of time and money.”

Whizzy New Features in BT6

QuickBooks integration. The eX-BizTracker 6 offers native support for pushing customers, orders and bills into QuickBooks desktop products. Previously, this feature would add 15 to 20 hours of development time, but now, it’s included!
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Handle returns in a systematic and timely matter with the eX-BizTracker’s new RMA feature.
Master-detail layout. Handy for products, contacts and invoices by allowing the user to view a “master” list of content in the UI, then “drill down” into the details of a particular record selected from the master.
Card windows. This slick new user interface tool allows the creation of a “window in a window.” Perfect for custom dialog boxes and showing eXpanded content without leaving the current view.

The Basics (What’s Included in the eX-BizTracker)
Current modules include: CRM (could be individuals, companies or organizations); allows for multiple addresses and contact methods for each, plus activity logs, reminders and email; Orders (with bar coding and kitting, allowing for “bundled” products); Vendors; Inventory Management; POs/Bills; Products (goods, services and fees); Receiving; and Custom Reports (printed or eXportable PDFs for profit/loss, back orders, etc., with graph and chart options).

Benefits of Using the eX-BizTracker
Integration. Plays well with others like SalesForce, FedEx, PayPal, WooCommerce and WordPress to manage online ordering. Can be configured to eXchange information with Cloud solutions or SQL Servers.
Customization. “The basic features are complete, allowing you to start much further down the road with development so you can add the specific workflows of your business,” said eXcelisys Solutions Services Consultant Laura Vie.
Reputation. The eX-BizTracker has been maturing since 2004 when eXcelisys created the original FileMaker® Business Tracker for FileMaker Inc. (now Claris International). A free, popular template, the FileMaker® Business Tracker had more than 250K downloads. Since then, eXcelisys has been improving the user eXperience and feature set with each new edition.

Who Uses the eX-BizTracker?
eXcelisys has modified the eX-BizTracker for many industries, including: appraisal firms, auto parts distribution, camera equipment rentals, chocolate production, imports and distribution, manufacturing, laboratory research, medical equipment repair, pest control and property management and the list goes on!

Try It Out
Request a demo today. Visit http://excelisys.com/ex-files/ex-biztracker/

About eXcelisys, Inc.
Founded in 2001, eXcelisys (www.excelisys.com) is an FBA Partner and FileMaker Certified developer organization that specializes in designing, developing, customizing, supporting, consulting, migrating, upgrading, fixing and integrating database solutions for Desktop, Mobile and Web applications. Our core technology competencies include the entire suite of FileMaker desktop, web, and mobile products as well as MySQL for database frameworks, along with WordPress, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, CSS, HTML and Javascript for websites and web applications. Our mission? Provide eXcellent customer service while using these technologies to intuitively automate your organization’s data solution needs seamlessly and flawlessly across the Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms.

About Claris International (formerly FileMaker, Inc. - www.filemaker.com)
Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world's largest companies, rely on the FileMaker Platform to manage, analyze and share essential information. The Filemaker product line includes FileMaker Pro (for building custom apps for Windows, Mac and the Web) and FileMaker GO (the mobile database client for iPhone and iPad), as well as FileMaker Cloud for AWS, FileMaker Server and FileMaker WebDirect. Claris International is an Apple subsidiary.

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