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CNS Plug-ins Claris Engage 2021 Sale

Fort Worth, Texas, August 31, 2021 -- The Claris FileMaker Developers Conference may not be the same as it was in years past, but one thing remains the same: the CNS Plug-ins annual discount pricing! For the entire month of September, CNS Plug-ins is offering 25% off all orders, including upgrade and renewal orders. Use the coupon code "Engage 2021" when checking out to receive the discount.

All of our plug-ins have recently been updated to include support for Apple Silicon Macs and numerous bug fixes. Browse all of our plug-ins at http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/

-= CNS Plug-ins Available for Sale =-

All of the following plug-ins are 25% off (use coupon code "Engage 2021"):

CNS Barcode - Create barcode images from data in your database as well as use your webcam to scan barcode data right into FileMaker Pro. http://cnsbarcode.cnsplug-ins.com/

CNS Image - Crop, Rotate, Scale, Create Color Chips and more with this easy to use image manipulation plug-in.

CNS Menu - Create on-the-fly dynamic pop-up menus that call scripts when you select menu items.

CNS Query - Add, Edit, and Delete records and more in your FileMaker databases without ever creating a relationship.

FTPit Pro - Transfer files to and from any FTP server all from the comfort of FileMaker Pro.

POP3it Pro - Receive email directly into your database, complete with email headers, content, and attachments.

SMTPit Pro - Send Text and HTML emails with any number of attachments and inline images, all without leaving FileMaker Pro.

-= Contact =-

Comm-Unity Networking Systems, LLC
PO Box 137559
Fort Worth, Texas 76136

Email:  info@cnsplug-ins.com
Web:    https://www.cnsplug-ins.com/

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