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PCU updates Claris Connect Fundamentals course
August 15, 2023 - This month, Productive Computing University (PCU) released an update to the Claris Connect Fundamentals course to cover new Claris Connect features and explore additional apps and functionality.

Claris Connect enables you to streamline everyday business tasks and processes through automated workflows. Our Claris Connect course shows you how to seamlessly integrate FileMaker with external third-party apps such as Mailchimp, SendGrid, and more. You’ll learn how to set up, configure and operate Claris Connect to make your own workflow.

You’ll discover how to:
Add or remove subscribers to your Mailchimp audience
Use Google Translate to convert text from any language into any other language
Trigger a Claris Connect Flow directly from a single FileMaker script step
Gather the weather forecast and automatically email a report daily
Create and work with variables, arrays, and loops
Use the Claris Connect scheduler to trigger flows periodically or at a given time

With 38 lessons and over 3 hours of material, this course is geared towards intermediate FileMaker developers, but even non-developers and beginners will benefit from the content and use cases, according to Instructor Marc Larochelle, Productive Computing CEO.

"This course will teach students about Claris Connect, why you need it, how to navigate it, and how to get it up and running in the quickest way possible," he said.

Another great feature is that for the first time since its creation in 2020, there is a free tier for using Claris Connect!

"Claris is reinventing the way they deliver their platform to entice more up-and-coming developers by making it easy and free to get started," Larochelle said.

To get the course, visit Productive Computing University:

To learn more about what’s new with the Claris Connect Fundamentals course, check out this video:

Productive Computing is committed to helping businesses and organizations create and improve custom FileMaker solutions. Through our training courses at Productive Computing University, we provide our students with the tools and knowledge to navigate and use Claris FileMaker to their fullest potential.

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