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Cannot see databases hosted on Server    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Discussion of problems preventing viewing of hosted files
There are a number of issues that can prevent users from seeing hosted files. The Knowledge Base article discusses these.
FileMaker 17 Server Changes    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 17
Covers enhancements as well as changed and removed features
The all-new FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console has been redesigned to be more lightweight and to provide a simpler, responsive user interface that allows for easier viewing on different screen sizes and devices. As part of the redesign, some features have either been removed from the Admin Console or the functionality has been moved to either the command line interface (CLI) or FileMaker Admin API.
FileMaker Pro System Requirements and Compatibility    Beginner   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Covers all versions back to FileMaker Pro 1.0
Lists the system requirements and compatibility for all versions of FileMaker. Includes release dates and revisions.
Import and Export Server Side Scripts    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 11
File management
Server 10 allows for importing and exporting, but you must follow the rules for these to work successfully.
Java Cache Clearing and Admin Console    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Better management of the Server Console
Discusses some issues with Java affecting the Server Admin Console and how to fix them.
Ports for FileMaker Server    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 11
What ports need to be opened or available
The ports that need to be open for the various features in FileMaker Server to function properly.
Ports for FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Firewall ports that need to be opened
FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro require certain ports be either open or available. This is a list of what those ports are.
Record Level Access Tests-Incorrect and inappropriate tests    Advanced   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Discusses changes and fixes in RLA that may have impact on solutions
FileMaker Pro 10 corrected some errors with Record Level Access from earlier versions. These changes hae significant impact on the way RLA works.
Screen Stencils Not Correct    Intermediate   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Screen Stencils Do Not Indicate Actual Area That Can Be Used To Design A Layout on iOS Devices

Windows 7 and FileMaker 10    Beginner   Knowledge Base    Version 11
Are FileMaker Products Compatible with Windows 7?
A matrix of compatibility with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced with links to other articles with more detail.


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