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Modifying Default Fields    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 17 New
Make Modifying the DefaultFields.xml file easier with this Template
FileMaker, Inc. includes some non-developer naming conventions in their DefaultFields.xml file. Maybe you like modifying XML grammar. It's not too hard but this file will save you a ton of time and cut down on mistakes. Or, maybe you don't like to use UUID values for unique identifiers and prefer serial numbers like me. This file will export a new DefaultFields.xml file from options specified in fields and popup menus. Try it, it's easy!
New FileMaker 17 Features Blog    Beginner   Video    Version 17 New
FREE Blog and Video on the new FileMaker 17
A dozen videos and a blog covering the new FileMaker 17 features.
Seventeen    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 17 New
New Features in FileMaker 17
This example file shows off most of the new FileMaker 17 features for the desktop including multiple email attachments, default fields, found set portal or master-detail layouts, Perform Script by Name and Get(ActiveRecordNumber). Read the blog article and watch the companion videos at the PhilosophyOfFileMaker.Com web site.
Account Lockout    Beginner   Quick Tip    Version 12 New
Accounts are Locked out in FileMaker 17 after Unsuccessful Attempts
After 5 attempts in a 5 minute period to logon to a hosted file on FileMaker Server 17, the account is locked out for 5 minutes. This feature requires FileMaker 17 Server but any client from FileMaker 14 and beyond can be locked out. However, earlier clients will get a vague error message saying, "the account name and password you entered cannot be used to access this file". Conversely, if a FileMaker 17 client connects to a FileMaker 12 through 16 server, the old behavior of dismissing the credentials dialog after four attempts will occur and no lockout will be imposed. In addition, this feature only works with internally authenticated accounts. Externally authenticated accounts, including oAuth, have their own rules for failed logon attempts. If a lockout occurs, it pertains to ANY file on the host where that account name is being used.
Removing Default Fields      Quick Tip    Version 17 New
How to Remove the Default Fields Feature
Seasoned developers may find the new default fields feature that adds housekeeping fields to every new table annoying. It's pretty easy to turn off. Just place a file titled "DefaultFields.xml" in the following location:

Windows: :\ProgramData\FileMaker\Shared

macOS: /Users/Shared/FileMaker/Shared

You may have to make the "Shared" folder if it doesn't already exist. Also, the "DefaultFields.xml" file doesn't need to contain anything. It also doesn't matter if it does contain data. The important part is getting the name right and the file located in the correct directory.

FileMaker 17 Admin Console    Download   Intermediate   Article    Version 17 New
Administering the FileMaker 17 Server
Extensive discussion of new methods for administering FileMaker 17 Server. Example JSON code is included. Jointly authored by Steven Blackwell Wim Decorte.
FileMaker 17 SSL    Download   Intermediate   Article    Version 17 New
New SSL Processes and Options in FileMaker Server 17
White paper about the new SSL processes and options in FileMaker Server 17. Jointly authored by Steven Blackwell and Wim Decorte.
Monitoring FileMaker Server 17    Download   Intermediate   Article    Version 17 New
The New Processes for Monitoring FileMaker Server 17
White paper covering new processes for monitoring FileMaker 17 Server. Jointly authored by Steven Blackwell and Wim Decorte.
What is Account Lockout?    Download   Intermediate   Article    Version 17 New
What Account Lockout is and How it Works
The new version of the FileMaker 17 contains a new feature called Account Lockout. This feature’s purpose is to help thwart brute force attacks against hosted files. Such attacks try a large number of passwords against an Account in an attempt to gain access to the file. This white paper describe the ins and outs of this new security feature. Thanks to Steven Blackwell for sharing this information with the FileMaker community.
Original Default Fields    Download   Beginner   Tip File    Version 17 New
The Original DefaultFields.xml File that came with FileMaker 17
I'm providing this original "DefaultFields.xml" file for download cause I know someone is going to mess theirs up trying to modify the XML grammar. It doesn't matter how smart you are, everyone has that moment. The only other way to get the file back to it's original state is reinstall FileMaker. You'll also need to know where to place the file, just in case:

Mac: /Applications/FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced/FileMaker Pro Advanced.app/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/DefaultFields.xml

*Control-Click on the FileMaker application and choose Show Package Contents to display the Contents folder.

Win: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced\Extensions\English\


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