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Abstracted Log    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12 New
Log Field Changes with Indirection
A long, long time ago in a far away land, Bob Cusick of Clickware sent me a log file that used a single field to log changes to fields. Through the years I modified it and released it many times but here’s the latest version. This version is so abstracted, all you need is a single custom function with parameters that specify the fields that trigger the log and the log field itself. That means you can copy and paste the formula from table to table and make minor changes to create logs in all your files.
Output Script    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
A Script to Output PDF and Print
The script in this tip file allows you to view a print layout, print, create a PDF or attach a PDF to an email. This is very similar to the procedure I use on solutions created for my clients.
Merge Records    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
Field Level Record Merging
Someone was asking on the forums how to merge two records. What I’ve designed in this example file is a field level merging. In other words, you can merge the duplicate record one field at a time. I’ve also added a feature for adding related records into the original contact. It would be hard to match one portal row with another so I decided it really isn’t worth the effort and opted for simply adding the rows. I’ve also included a simple script and calculation for finding duplicate records as well as a portal for displaying possible duplicate records.
Extracting Images    Download   Beginner   Tip File    Version 12 New
Extract the Contents of Container Fields
Recently, a lot of people have been asking me to extract their container content from their FileMaker database to a folder on their computer. With a looping script, some variable declarations and the Export Field Contents script step, it’s pretty straightforward.
Random Password Interface    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
An Interface for Generating Random Passwords
In the past, I’ve offered users a single field to type in the characters they wanted to use in a random password. This works great if you always want to use the same characters but quickly becomes a pain when some characters need to be excluded. Dan Alvin and I worked on the concept and here it is. Feel free to send me feedback.

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