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Birthday Find    Download   Beginner   Tip File    Version 12 New
The Proper Method for Scripting a Find for Birthday Months
This simple example shows how to find birthdays by month. I’ve seen folks try to construct a date for the current month using concatenation but unless you use the Date function, the result won’t work in other countries with different date formats. I’ve also seen folks try to update a search field with the current year for the DOB using the Replace Field Contents feature but that takes a long time and causes record locking.
Google Charts    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12 New
Create JavaScript Google Charts in a Web Viewer
With only a few minutes of my time, I sat down and created some simple Pie Charts using the JavaScript libraries from Google. I focused on PIE Charts because they have two input values but you could easily expand what I’ve done to include other chart types that have more data input (there are dozens). All I did was copy and paste the provided JS into a field called JavaScript. I then located the portion where the example data was provided and reproduced it with a FileMaker calculation. Why would you do this when FileMaker has charting built-in? The answer is simple! Google Charts has soooooo many more chart types including Geo, Histogram, Combo, Area, Bubble, Donut, Org, Treemap, etc.
Overdue Invoices    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
The Proper Method for Locating Overdue Invoices
Finding records that are overdue (such as in an invoicing solution) should not be done with a calculation field. Calculation fields can be used as an alert but should not be searched since they have to be unstored in order for the Get(CurrentDate) function to update, thus making the search unindexed and possibly slow. This file not only includes a calculated warning message but also a script that finds overdue records without interfacing with the warning calculation.
Overriding the Inspector    Download   Beginner   Tip File    Version 12 New
Script Access to a Field that Prevents Entry
The Inspector has an option to prevent access to fields in browse mode. If you write a script to enter that field, like Go to Field, Copy or Insert Calculation, it will not work when a single script step is attached directly to the button. However, when you write a script and attach it using Perform Script, FileMaker allows access to the same field. This example demonstrates how to copy the contents of a field that does not allow entry via the Inspector. The second field is on the layout to allow for an area to paste, allowing you to verify the outcome.
Page Count    Beginner   Quick Tip    Version 19 New
The New FileMaker 19 Page Count Feature
The new {{PageCount}} symbol in FileMaker Pro 19 allows you to place the total page count on a multiple page document. In previous versions, only the {{PageNumber}} symbol was available. Now you can produce results like "Page 2 of 10" without using a script. The {{PageCount}} also has a function counterpart called Get(PageCount) you can use inside a calculation formula to produce conditional results on the last page of a repor
Switch Layouts Quickly    Beginner   Quick Tip    Version 19 New
New FileMaker 19 Features Allows Quick Layout Switching
FileMaker Pro 19 offers a slick method for switching layouts that's similar to the Spotlight feature in OSX. While in layout mode, type Option-Command-K (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+K (Win) and you can start typing the name of the layout. So much faster the the Manage Layouts dialog!
Color Picker    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
Adaptive Color Assignments Based on a Table
This is a very simple example file that highlights the basics of using a table to define colors for text. Undoubtedly, your solution will require more code but stick to the basic construct in this example file and you’ll do just fine.
Sum Filtered Portal    Download     Tip File    Version 12 New
How to Count or Sum a Filtered Portal
The standard approach for a portal that isn’t filtered is to use aggregate functions like Sum or Count. Since aggregate calculation are defined in Manage Database, they are considered structural or schema level. Filtered portal are defined at the layout level, meaning a portal based on the same relationship on two different layouts can have to different filter formulas or even no filter at all. In other words, there’s no communication between these two areas of FileMaker nor could there be. There are two common methods for aggregating a portal that has a filter portal records calculation attached. The first is to use a summary field defined in the child table along with a one row version of the filtered portal encompassing the summary field. It sounds kludgy but it’s been that way since filtered portal were introduced in FileMaker Pro 11. The other method uses the ExecuteSQL which was introduced in FileMaker Pro 12. ExecuteSQL allows tables to be queried without a relationship, making them a great technique for aggregating filtered portals.

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