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Error Logging    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Import Script Errors into a FileMaker File
How many times have I asked a user how to reproduce an error and they can’t. Now you can just turn on the fancy dandy script error logging and see for yourself. Then, grab that file and import it into this file to see what’s happening. If the user can remember when the error occurred then searching the timestamp should suffice. If the user remembers the button they clicked then just search for that script name. It’s that easy.
Export Headers    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Export to a Text File with Custom Headers
The possibilities are almost endless with the new Data File scripts in FileMaker 18. You can read and write any file but it’s really designed for text files. In this example, I show how to add custom field headers to a tab-separated text file exported from FileMaker. In the past, I’ve done some crazy things to get custom headers on a file including making a fake record containing the names of the fields and looping through the records to accumulate the data in a global and then exporting with Export Field Contents script step.
New Schema    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Detecting New Schema using Save a Copy as XML
This file compares two XML exports from the same FileMaker 18 file using the Save a Copy as XML feature.
Extracting Email    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Use While to Extract Email Addresses from a Block of Text
I’ve often had to extract email addresses from random places inside text. In the past, I’ve used a looping script so I decided to revisit my code using the new FileMaker 18 While function instead. I’m not sure the While function makes it any easier but it does allow the code to exist in a calculation field. With no script requirements, a calculation formula could be useful in certain situations.
Phone Formatting    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Phone Formatting using the While Function
If you look at the sheer amount of code required to format a phone number with the new FileMaker 18 While function, it seems more complex than recursion. When you take a closer look, the While function leads to a more natural and easy to understand programming style.
Random Passwords    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Create Random Passwords with the While Function
A comparison of a scripted loop and a While loop for creating random passwords.
While    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Creating a Multi-Key with the While Function
Since the New FileMaker 18 While function is so similar to Recursion, I wanted to compare the two functions in a simple scenario. The example in this file creates a common pyramid multi-key that can be used in a relationship for features like portal type ahead filtering.
JSON Parsing    Download     Tip File    Version 17 New
Parse JSON with the While Function
This is a very simple example comparing parsing JSON with a Custom Function and recursion versus the new While function in FileMaker 18. You be the judge on which is easier.

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