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Account Lockout    Beginner   Quick Tip    Version 12
Accounts are Locked out in FileMaker 17 after Unsuccessful Attempts
After 5 attempts in a 5 minute period to logon to a hosted file on FileMaker Server 17, the account is locked out for 5 minutes. This feature requires FileMaker 17 Server but any client from FileMaker 14 and beyond can be locked out. However, earlier clients will get a vague error message saying, "the account name and password you entered cannot be used to access this file". Conversely, if a FileMaker 17 client connects to a FileMaker 12 through 16 server, the old behavior of dismissing the credentials dialog after four attempts will occur and no lockout will be imposed. In addition, this feature only works with internally authenticated accounts. Externally authenticated accounts, including oAuth, have their own rules for failed logon attempts. If a lockout occurs, it pertains to ANY file on the host where that account name is being used.

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