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Code-X FileMaker developer tool    Tool
Code-X allows FileMaker developers to issue their paying customers registration codes that unlock their demo solutions. Build trial software that the user can unlock upon purchase.
FileMaker Hosting    FileMaker Web Site and Hosting
FileMaker Business Alliance members who also host FileMaker solutions in the cloud.
PCI FileMaker Hosting    Hosting
My personal choice for hosting FileMaker solutions in the web. They even answer the phone!
Philosophy of FileMaker    FileMaker Web Site, Blog and Resource
The Philosophy of FileMaker blog is a "no holding back FileMaker blog". So many developers give you part of the solution. This blog will never withhold important details in it's goal to help aspiring FileMaker developers with scripting, calculation, relational design, reporting and theory.
Productive Computing    Consulting, Solution, Plug-In, Publishing on the Web and Hosting
Productive Computing offers FileMaker consulting services, solutions and plug-ins. They are one of 50 platinum level FBA members. They also offer hosting for FileMaker web solutions.
Database Pros Consulting    Consulting
Database Pros has a network of over 200 contractors specializing in web enabled and multi-user FileMaker Pro solutions.
Database Pros    Resource, Consulting, Training, Discussion Group, Solution and Tool
The best FileMaker resource on the Internet! Free tips, tricks, techniques, articles and much more. The primary business of Database Pros is consulting and training. Database Pros also offers meta-consulting which is helping other developers with their programming hurdles. We even has an announcement list for FileMaker press releases. Database Pros also has a library of solutions including Password Keeper, Documentor for analyzing FIleMaker solutions and Complex Calculations.
Video Training from John Mark Osborne    Training
Training from John Mark Osborne of Database Pros. Courses include the Philosophy of FileMaker, the Complete Contact Manager, Tips & Tricks, Document Management, Calendar, Donations and much more. There's even FREE training on new FileMaker features and Starter Solution modification.
FileMaker Marketplace    FileMaker Web Site and Solution
Search for solutions that are made in FileMaker.
File Recovery Service    FileMaker Web Site and Tool
If you've exhausted all possible solutions to fix a corrupted file like the Recover feature and reverting to a backup, you can always contact FileMaker, Inc. and ask them to fix the file. Just remember, they will charge for this service!


Productive Computing