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Code-X FileMaker developer tool    Tool
Code-X allows FileMaker developers to issue their paying customers registration codes that unlock their demo solutions. Build trial software that the user can unlock upon purchase.
LatitudeZERO FileMaker developer tool    Tool
LatitudeZERO is a FileMaker developer tool that lets developers calculate the distance between two latitude / longitude coordinates. An example of use is the ability to filter sales reps based on distance to clients.
FM Books Connector    Plug-In and Tool
The FM Books Connector plug-in provides FileMaker Pro access to every record stored in a QuickBooks company file. Using this plug-in you can freely and easily exchange data between these two powerful applications. Using the plug-in is as simple as using a handful of script steps and does not require any XML!
FMAnnounce    Mailing List
A FileMaker mailing list devoted to FileMaker related product announcement. Keep up-to-date on new and updated plug-ins, resources, educational products, commercial products, tools and everything else related to FileMaker.
Database Pros    Resource, Consulting, Training, Discussion Group, Solution and Tool
The best FileMaker resource on the Internet! Free tips, tricks, techniques, articles and much more. The primary business of Database Pros is consulting and training. Database Pros also offers meta-consulting which is helping other developers with their programming hurdles. We even has an announcement list for FileMaker press releases. Database Pros also has a library of solutions including Password Keeper, Documentor for analyzing FIleMaker solutions and Complex Calculations.
gManipulator    Tool and Plug-In
The gManipulator plug-in connects FileMaker to Google services, including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks and can be deployed locally or as a server-side integration on Mac and Windows operating systems.
File Recovery Service    FileMaker Web Site and Tool
If you've exhausted all possible solutions to fix a corrupted file like the Recover feature and reverting to a backup, you can always contact FileMaker, Inc. and ask them to fix the file. Just remember, they will charge for this service!
Borders Template Set    Tool and Solution
This template set features 20 interface templates including buttons, backgrounds, tabs and bars as well as commonly used fields, calculations, scripts and layouts. It's the perfect template set to base your solutions on.
Calendar Solution    Solution and Tool
This completely relational calendar solution can be integrated into your own solution. Features monthly, weekly and daily views with a visual representation.
Invoicing Solution    Tool and Solution
A complete invoicing solution with products, customers and invoices. Modify it to meet the needs of your company or solution.


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