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Youtube Videos    Training and Resource
Learn FileMaker via the Youtube format with videos from John Mark Osborne!
Philosophy of FileMaker Facebook    Training, Blog and Resource
Find out about blog, video and file releases from Database Pros and the Philosophy of FileMaker.
FileMaker Video Training    Training and Resource
Forty hours of video training for FileMaker, primarily focusing on scripting, calculations, relationships and reporting, but with forays into FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go and WebDirect. There's even a FREE two hour video series for beginners!
Database Pros Training    Training
FileMaker Pro hands-on scripting and calculation training. Advanced and intermediate classes. Alsom check-out the video training CD ROMs authored by John Mark Osborne, self-paced training and online training. John also offers private training for relational database design, web publishing and reporting.
Database Pros    Resource, Consulting, Training, Discussion Group, Solution and Tool
The best FileMaker resource on the Internet! Free tips, tricks, techniques, articles and much more. The primary business of Database Pros is consulting and training. Database Pros also offers meta-consulting which is helping other developers with their programming hurdles. We even has an announcement list for FileMaker press releases. Database Pros also has a library of solutions including Password Keeper, Documentor for analyzing FIleMaker solutions and Complex Calculations.
Video Training from John Mark Osborne    Training
Training from John Mark Osborne of Database Pros. Courses include the Philosophy of FileMaker, the Complete Contact Manager, Tips & Tricks, Document Management, Calendar, Donations and much more. There's even FREE training on new FileMaker features and Starter Solution modification.
John Mark Osborne on Twitter    Resource, Blog and Training
Follow John Mark Osborne on Twitter.
Script Reference    Training, Solution and Resource
The Script Reference is a collection of script definitions and script examples. It's the ideal reference material for a FileMaker developer.
NightWing Enterprises - FileMaker Solutions    Consulting, Resource, Training and Book
Premier provider of FileMaker Pro consulting, development, training and support services. Led by developer Ray Cologon PhD with over ten years FileMaker development experience. Specializing in high-end stand-alone runtime applications with extended plug-in functionality. We have the skills to assist, and we don't mind sharing them! Don't forget to check-out his 646, 747, 848, 949, X4X open source files!
Scriptology - FileMaker Pro Demystified    Book and Resource
The most comprehensive FileMaker Pro book ever written. Scriptology is a combination book and CD ROM covering FileMaker Pro 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 including scripting, calculations, relationships and interface design. Both products stand alone but together they create the most complete FileMaker training product. The CD ROM contains over 200 technique files that demonstrate with a FileMaker file how to implement tricks the experts use. There are also 12 reference files with information like cross-platform considerations, a graphics library, undocumented keyboard commands, FileMaker error codes, calculation functions and much more. The best thing about Scriptology is that it does not reiterate what the FileMaker manual covers. Rather, it is designed to take you to the next level of FileMaking without alienating the novice.


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