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Aaron Leonard - from New York, NY regarding Training
"Just by way of of feedback. I've taken a couple seminars you've held and have found them challenging--to say the least. However, in trying to solve a problem of retrieving a set of records by "marking" them, I turned to the handouts you supplied. Your step by step tutorial/instruction solved the problem and gave me deeper insight into the capability of FileMaker. So thanks for the information! And please keep me on your e-mail list."

Achilles Grigorakis - regarding Training
"Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. Less than a week since I got back and I've applied 3 of the techniques I picked up in your class. Needless to say my users were ecstatic with the enhancements to their solution. Your class has to be one of the most informative and exciting courses I've ever had the good sense to attend."

Angelina Miller - from Santa Rosa, California regarding Video Training
"Just started taking some of your 'virtual' training sessions online and I wanted to send you a note and tell you that I love you. Seriously. I could kiss the ground you walk on right now. I have read through about 4 different books on this program, enrolled in a course for FileMaker (that has been canceled 5 times due to lack of enrollment – up here in the sticks), and in this place, what little knowledge I've had, has been the 'expert' level in this building. You explain things so clear that I am just completing the beginning section (80% I was familiar with) and it has resolved 4 of my current issues I had in building the Human Resource Database (way to start small huh?). So. From one DB addict to a DB expert, thank you, I love you man."

Anonymous - regarding Training
"John Mark Osborne is still the go to guy for FMP Training. So much changes. So much stays the same."

Bill LeDrew - regarding Video Training
"Got everything just fine. I guess it's just an opportunity to say thanks for producing the best training, tutorials and resource files around."

Billy Jack Simpson - from Houston, TX regarding Training
"HE ROCKS! Truly on of the best Teachers ever. Always there when you need him. What more can I say? =) "

Bob Martin - from Erie, PA regarding Video Training
"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with the VTC FileMaker Bundle I got. I've used FileMaker since it came on the original 400k floppy. I'm what you would call a serious and consistent user but, not an expert. My agency runs on databases that I've developed in FileMaker. This is the first video course I've taken (and I've taken many on many different programs) that has held my attention all the way through. It is well developed and presented, and it makes the concepts very easy to follow. Most of my advanced training has been by buying solutions and tearing them apart to see how they work. I've bought a few of yours over the years. I even learned a couple of things from the Beginner disc even though I've been using the program for years. Nice work. I hope it's not your last."

Bruce Littrell - from Toronto, Canada regarding Training
"I don't recall a single question that could not be answered by one of you off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class you offered."

Charles Lindauer - from Petaluma, CA regarding Video Training
"John's videos are clear and thorough, his solutions are well thought-out, and his response to clients and customers is immediate and very helpful. I am a very satisfied Database Pros customer."

Chris Vassiliou - from London, United Kingdom regarding Video Training
"At sixty-three I must be currently the oldest person using the FileMaker tutorials. I did try two other tutorials but I abandoned them after a single session. The difference I think lies in the approach of the tutor. Without any academic qualifications and without any previous database experience, I managed to built a sound database for my work needs. Excellent Video tutorials. Top Marks."


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