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Bruce Littrell - from Toronto, Canada regarding Training
"I don't recall a single question that could not be answered by one of you off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class you offered."

Byron K. Brown - regarding Solutions
"Nice job on the FM7 reference file by the way; that's going to come in handy."

C.J. Weigand - from Bozrah, CT regarding Web Site
"It's easily one of the best resources on the web, and it simply keeps getting better."

Charles Lindauer - from Petaluma, CA regarding Video Training
"John's videos are clear and thorough, his solutions are well thought-out, and his response to clients and customers is immediate and very helpful. I am a very satisfied Database Pros customer."

Charlie Smith - regarding Solutions
"I don't know how much feedback you've gotten from your 'Refer' solution, but I can tell you that it was certainly worth purchase price for me. I bought it mostly to study and use your design elements, but the whole package has been a great learning tool for me. It's going to take me a good long time to sift through everything you've loaded in the solution, and I can't wait to dive in. Thanks a million."

Charlie Smith - from Lima, Peru regarding Solutions
"Buddy, I have to say again that I am truly happy with FileMaker Reference.  You are GOOD. You know, when I  bought FileMaker, I thought that there would be a boatload of people like you out there who, inspired by all the potential of FileMaker, would be offering all kinds of FileMaker templates, solutions, and whatever for reasonable shareware fees for as freeware.  I have searched, Googled, joined web-rings and everything else I can think of, but, man, I am just not finding the kind of FileMaker community out there that I thought I would.  I’ve got a dozen FileMaker websites bookmarked, and almost all of them promote themselves as home to the ‘largest source’ of FileMaker material on the web, but none of them come through.  And sorry to say, FileMaker’s company website is the biggest letdown of all, seeming to be in business almost totally to promote niche third-party developers (where did they develop that weird business style of promotion copy writing, anyway?). Dude, where is the community?  FileMaker Reference and a few others (like CookWare and Barware) are the kinds of great things I was hoping to fine out there, but I must be looking for joy in all the wrong places. Anyway, thanks for doing what you are doing, which I greatly admire.  If you can point me to any FileMaker resources that have things created in a spirit similar to that with which you wrote Resource, I’d be truly indebted."

Chris Vassiliou - from London, United Kingdom regarding Video Training
"At sixty-three I must be currently the oldest person using the FileMaker tutorials. I did try two other tutorials but I abandoned them after a single session. The difference I think lies in the approach of the tutor. Without any academic qualifications and without any previous database experience, I managed to built a sound database for my work needs. Excellent Video tutorials. Top Marks."

David W. Brown - from Lenexa, KS regarding Video Training
"Very, very nice clear instructions. A wonderful training tool.  Easily the best practical usage training I have seen."

Elizabeth Hickman - from Bethesda, MD regarding Training
"It was a great class. Didn't get bored or tired. Your presentation was exceptional; I felt your confidence about the power of FileMaker as a programming tool."

Elizabeth Wolcott - regarding Video Training
"Your VTC tutorials are AMAZING! I am a beginner FileMaker developer who needed to create an INVOICING solution for the property management company at which I work. I started my job in March in 2013 took a look around at the bazillion spreadsheets in use and thought, "I know what this place needs: FileMaker!" My previous exposure to FileMaker was at the Public Radio station I used to work for--I loved using FileMaker there, but I did not do any development.   How hard could it be? Not hard at all with your help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I've completed the Beginner tutorial and am half way through the Intermediate course--but I just had to write. Last night (with your amazing help) I figured out how to invoice tenants in groups by their rent due date (which is not always the first of the month). HUGE breakthrough.   Very much looking forward to figuring out how to manage payments/partial payments.   Anyway, thanks again for all your help!"

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