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David - from Basel, Switzerland regarding Video Training
"Well having retired I wanted to keep my mind active, without using my body too much, that needed a rest after 55 years none stop work. So turned my eyes to FileMaker! Oh my God, you have to be a rocket scientist to understand this? So off I went to YouTube - finding a few teachers (?) there - I finally made the decision of my life with John Mark Osborne - never looked back - great person, great teacher and great videos! I have now made a CRM with JMO, Invoices with JMO, Calendar Conundrum with JMO (Not yet finished) and a Document DB - and believe you me , I would recommend JMO and his videos to Her Majesty The Queen, if needed - Great Teach Great Work. I am no expert but owing to JMO at least I know what I am doing 90% of the time JMO A very BIG THANK YOU"

David W. Brown - from Lenexa, KS regarding Video Training
"Very, very nice clear instructions. A wonderful training tool.  Easily the best practical usage training I have seen."

Elizabeth Hickman - from Bethesda, MD regarding Training
"It was a great class. Didn't get bored or tired. Your presentation was exceptional; I felt your confidence about the power of FileMaker as a programming tool."

Elizabeth Wolcott - regarding Video Training
"Your VTC tutorials are AMAZING! I am a beginner FileMaker developer who needed to create an INVOICING solution for the property management company at which I work. I started my job in March in 2013 took a look around at the bazillion spreadsheets in use and thought, "I know what this place needs: FileMaker!" My previous exposure to FileMaker was at the Public Radio station I used to work for--I loved using FileMaker there, but I did not do any development.   How hard could it be? Not hard at all with your help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I've completed the Beginner tutorial and am half way through the Intermediate course--but I just had to write. Last night (with your amazing help) I figured out how to invoice tenants in groups by their rent due date (which is not always the first of the month). HUGE breakthrough.   Very much looking forward to figuring out how to manage payments/partial payments.   Anyway, thanks again for all your help!"

Eric Ruff - from Gainesville, AL regarding Video Training
"Just in case you have any stress in your life and could use an ego boost, I told my wife last night (she teaches at the local law school) that you are the best software teacher I have ever run into, for any kind of software, not just relational databasees but also word processing, spreadsheet, Photoshop, Ilustrator, everything Adobe, and everyone at Lynda.com (and there are many fine teachers out there). I appreciate your pace, thoroughness, the fact that you take the time to go down various rabit holes rather than just gloss over them, and overall clarity. So - thanks! You have a lot of fans."

Eric Yelverton - regarding Training
"John Mark Osborne really knows his scripts! But to elaborate, it would be difficult to imagine a more comprehensive training in FileMaker Pro scripting. John Mark's relaxing and engaging presentation style is very effective."

Glenda Scott - regarding Video Training
"Thank you. The video is very impressive and every aspect is an economy of movement and loaded with information. It's been honed to perfection."

Jacquie Stafsud - from Malibu, CA regarding Training
"I want to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the few days I spent in your FMP Philosophy of Scripting Class. I was pleasantly surprised by your knowledge of the product (FMP), of database design philosophy, and of the issues faced by program developers in creating and delivering software applications to the general user/client community. You are one of the few people I've seen in the IT industry who has multiple talents for the trade you are in. I really enjoyed playing with the ideas you shared in the classroom. I don't know if/when I will use them... but I am searching for possible future career ideas and may someday consider FMP consulting/development as a fun way to bring value to the world. Until then, I will share what I learned with the FMP vendors/consultants I have working for me. "

Jonathan Schwartz - regarding Training
"Excellent! No better way to learn scripting. These guys obviously have no personal life."

Karl Burnham - regarding Training
"I wanted to follow up with you and say thanks to you and Cris for the FileMaker 7 class at Apple. Very informative and very useful. I think it will go a long way to helping me convert my course registration solution to FM 7."

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